Public Art Policy Review & Recommendations – Redland City Council

Artfully was engaged to review Redland City Council’s Public Art Policy with a view to identifying strategic directions for public art policy development which aim to achieve innovative and contemporary art outcomes with an emphasis on temporal, ephemeral and site-specific practices.

Such strategic directions were considered within Council’s wider Policy frameworks and in relation to wider policy objectives including community health, social sustainability, urban planning, tourism, trails, local attractors and cultural facilities.

The aim of the review was to begin to identify key points of difference and distinction for the Redlands and how these may inform an approach to the support and commissioning of temporal public art, including consideration of a potential festival framework distinct from other local festivals. Benchmarking of contemporary temporal art practice and temporal art festivals were provided as well as a (limited) review of local cultural resources. A set of recommendations were proposed in relation to temporal public art practice for both policy and program for Council’s consideration and potential future action.