Artfully is an art consultancy lead by Beth Jackson. Beth is a curator of contemporary art with over twenty years’ experience and over ten years with a specialist focus in art for the public realm. Through an extensive knowledge of contemporary art practice and practitioners, nationally and internationally, Artfully is able to assist artists in the development of ideas and the translation of concepts into the built environment and into specific social contexts. This occurs through an interdisciplinary approach working closely with clients, design teams and built environment professionals. Artfully will also manage and facilitate Council planning processes and requirements, stakeholder and community consultations, ultimately aiming to deliver projects which meet community needs and generate an abiding sense of place.

Artfully places great value on having access to a range of project types across a variety of scales and project budgets. Large urban design projects inform small projects and small projects in turn inform large. Having access to a disparate range of projects enhances creative engagement, increases the opportunity for cross-fertilisation, and leads to value-added and innovative outcomes. In the event that additional specific expertise or resources are required to service a particular project, Artfully has developed collaborative relations with other creative practices and free-lance professionals.

Redcliffe Seaside Village
Habitus Habitat
Edmondson Park South

Redlands Public Art Policy Review

Churchill Art & Culture Pathway
The virtual public art tour
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